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Are you spending too much on credit reports?

SoftPull from MonitorBase can save you money on the credit report cost to provide you clients and your realtors access to the credit information they need.

SoftPull instant credit technology from MonitorBase can save you time and money because it’s cheaper and doesn’t require a full loan application.

Use SoftPull in the early stages of the process to pre-screen anyone who isn’t sure if they are going to credit qualify, or someone who has questions but isn’t quite ready to apply yet. A SoftPull instant credit check will give them the answers they need as well as giving you the information that you need without having to go through a full application process, which can be costly to you and can damage their credit score. 


Using a more advanced SoftPull technology will give you an easy to use form that the client can fill out and submit themselves.

You can give access to this form to your realtors, allowing them to pre-screen their prospects, making this one of the best resources for your realtors, and a great lead generator for you.

You can also embed the link to your SoftPull form in your email signature, on your website, on your social media accounts, or anywhere that your potential clients can submit from. This can eliminate steps in the application process, give potential clients the information that they need to make a decision to move forward, and give you a source of pre-screened leads. 



 that we see in the mortgage industry is using a SoftPull technology that the client cannot submit on their own, that must be submitted by the loan officer. With these, you have to have either verbal or written permission before you can submit anything. This method is not effective, requiring many additional steps required to even get one submission. By using a form the client fills out themselves, they are quickly given the answers they need easily and early on in the loan process, while also not triggering any marketing from competitors. 


Save money, provide value to realtor partners, generate more leads. Click here to learn more about MonitorBase SoftPull instant credit technology, and how you can get access to client’s credit profiles for as little as $3 per submission.