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California Consumer Privacy Act - CCPA

Below, we will explain how MonitorBase complies with the CCPA and how it relates to our products and services.

MonitorBase as a Service

MonitorBase provides services to financial institutions by monitoring prospects and/or past clients for certain financial and behavioral characteristics. These behaviors indicate that a consumer is or soon will be in the market for a financial transaction, i.e. a mortgage, home equity line of credit, auto loan, or credit line.

MonitorBase is considered a consumer reporting agency and acts as a service provider to financial institutions to protect the security of the data, and to ensure that certain compliance controls are in place throughout their organization. MonitorBase never sells or redistributes the data or information imported into our platform from financial institutions or the consumer report information to any other third party without the consent of the financial institution.

The data we use to generate database marketing alerts or SoftPull instant credit check come for two data sources: consumer reports from the credit bureaus (FCRA regulated data) and public data available from public government data sources. Both consumer reports (FCRA data) and "public data" are exempt as defined by the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA).  

MonitorBase Website

The information that we collect on our website through sales and support related requests are used for our own business purposes for fulling requests for product-related information and support or training request for our services. This information is not sold to any third party, but only used in connection without own business practices. For more questions related to our privacy policies please see our Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice for California Residents.