Equity Watch Alerts on Your Database

We'll let you know when someone in your database has equity they could cash out.

With MonitorBase, you can monitor anyone in your database - anyone you have a name and address for - for an equity cash out. This can be anyone in your CRM, your past clients, prospects, credit turn down, contacts, etc. 


Equity Watch Alerts are just one of the great benefits of using our Predictive Marketing Alerts. These alerts let you know when someone in your database qualifies for an equity cash out. We'll track how much equity those in your database have that they could cash out on, and we'll let you know when they may be ready for your help. We'll also send them a firm offer of credit email and letter, letting them know you are available to help them out. 


Simply upload your database into your MonitorBase account, and turn on Predictive Marketing alerts. This will enable equity watch alerts, as well as all the other great benefits of Predictive Marketing.