How do I integrate Insellerate CRM with MonitorBase?

You can integrate your MonitorBase account with Insellerate mortgage CRM to sync contacts, alert notifications and automate communication through multiple channels.

Make use of automated data integration. No need to upload excel spreadsheets, with Insellerate’s
integration all of the data automatically gets sent to Monitor base, and get automated alerts when
events happen.

Make use of Insellerate Engagement platform and automate borrower engagement. When an event happens you can automate communications through multiple channels, text, phone call, social media, direct mail, email, and ringless voicemail, with the right message at the right time.

Use Insellerate’s CRM to then manage workflows and contact strategies that ensure you get the highest conversions on your alerts. With Insellerate’s CRM you can prioritize leads, manage leads and report on the performance of the leads, so you can adjust to what is working best.


For help integrating Insellerate with your MonitorBase account, email