How do I reach out to my MonitorBase alerts?

Best practices for contacting your customers when you get an alert that they may be in the market for a mortgage.

We have made this part easy for you! Each alert tells a different story, so we have created Scripts & Playbooks for each alert type.  This will give you a background on the alert, for example, the borrower's activity that indicates that they are, or will be shortly, in the market for a mortgage transaction.   

Here are a few Scripts & Playbooks to get you started...

You will also see a button on each alert that says "Script & Playbook" that will open up the playbook for that specific alert's scenario.  You can also search above for the Script & Playbook for each Alert Intel code that starts with MBai###.  

If you want more help getting started, our team is happy to set up a team training or one-on-one!  To schedule a meeting, visit our Contact Us page for options.