How do I create a user account if I'm a Company Admin?

Learn how to create user accounts from your MonitorBase company administrator account.

If you are a company administrator within MonitorBase, you will have more access than a standard user to your company's settings within our system. One of these access points is your ability to create an account for anyone at your company inside MonitorBase.


To create a MonitorBase account, simply go to your MonitorBase account, and in the left-hand side-bar, click "manage company."

manage company

Next, click "users" and then click "new user."

new user

Here, you'll need to put in a bit of information. The necessary fields are underlined below. URL and an additional email address that will be CC'ed on emails are optional. 

create new user

Next, check the "active" box, and hit save! Note that the marketing information is something that the user will be prompted to fill out themselves when they activate their account.

active and save

Once this information has been saved, the account has been created!


For mass account creation (several new users joining at once): prepare an excel file with a column for each of the necessary fields (first name, last name, company email address, mobile phone number, branch, account level within MonitorBase such as standard LO or branch manager and NMLS#) as shown below:

new user spreadsheet example

Attach this spreadsheet in an email and send it to to complete your request.