How do I enable and disable monitoring for prospects?

How to enable or disable monitoring for contacts in Monitorbase.

If you’ve already uploaded your past client or prospect database, you can add or remove monitoring from them within MonitorBase. 

Adding monitoring to all prospects:

While logged into MonitorBase, click on “Prospects” In the left-hand side-bar, then click “view all.”

monitoring 1

A list of all your prospects will appear. Click “select all” and then click the “action button.”

monitoring 2

Select “Enable Monitoring.”

monitoring 3

Select the Monitoring that you would like to enable for these prospects:

monitoring 4

Note: if you check the box “remove all other monitors,” it will remove old monitoring that you have previously set on those prospects.

Hit save, and the new monitoring will be applied to all your prospects!

Adding monitoring to all the prospects that are currently under one specific type of monitoring:

While logged into MonitorBase, select “Prospects” in the left-hand side-bar, then hit “view by monitoring”

monitoring 5

When you click on one of the types of monitoring (inquiry, migration, predictive, pre-mover or monitorless), a list will appear with all of the prospects who are currently being monitored for that specific event. 

Then, click “select all” and “action,” and enable the monitoring that you would like to add for these prospects. 

Adding monitoring to prospects under a certain tag: 

Go to “prospects” in the left-hand side-bar, and then hit “tags.”

From here, select the tag that you would like to apply monitoring to:
monitoring 6

Then, hit “select all” and “action” and select the type of monitoring that you would like to apply to the prospects under this tag. 

Adding monitoring to one prospect: 

Go to “Prospects” and then click either “view by monitoring,” “tags,” or “view all,” depending on which category will help you find the prospect most efficiently. 

Next, select the prospect to whom you would like to add monitoring (remember to click on the address to select the prospect, not their name highlighted in blue). Then, select “action” and click “enable monitoring” as previously shown. Then check the boxes for the types of monitoring you’d like to add to that prospect! Hit save, and the new monitoring will be applied!