Making the Most of Your MonitorBase Account

Simple tips and tricks to ensure you're using MonitorBase to your best advantage.

You're using MonitorBase, and you've received some alerts and maybe closed a few deals from those alerts. But you're wondering, "how can I really use this tool to my advantage? What else can I do that I'm not currently doing?"

Here are a few ideas to help expand your MonitorBase usage:

Upload More Data:

Did you know that you can upload any contact with a name and an email, or phone number? MonitorBase uses name and address combinations to enable monitoring on your contacts, but if you don't have an address, don't stress. We can use name and email or phone combinations to search for an address, with about a 50% match rate. That means that you can upload more data than you might have originally thought!

Monitor your LOS contact database, your entire CRM contact list, leads you've purchased, spreadsheets where you might have stored contact information, or download your email and phone contact list and upload them straight into MonitorBase.

Don't worry about duplicates--we deduplicate within our system!

Uploading more contacts will increase the number of transactions that you will get in front of, preparing you to score more deals and help your clients in the way that only YOU can.

Habituate Strong Follow-Up:

MonitorBase executes a firm offer of credit for every credit alert delivered to you (inquiry, migration and predictive alerts). This is in the form of an email and/or a physical letter sent to the client on your behalf. While this serves as a marketing piece, be sure that you are following up on every alert you receive. Check out our scripts and playbooks for each alert for guidance in your follow-up.

We know that you are busy, so a great way to ensure that you have strong follow-up and that you are speedy in response is to set up an automated follow-up system through your CRM. 

MonitorBase integrates with most CRMs to deliver alerts into your CRM, where you can set up an automated follow-up campaign for your alerts in the environment with which you are familiar.

Contact for questions about integrating with your CRM.

Grow with Partners:

While your referral partners do not have access to the credit data that you have inside of MonitorBase, you can work with your partners and collaborate to form an effective workflow.

Consider making a SoftPull link that you can share with your referral partner that would allow them to send their clients to your link to complete the SoftPull form. Remember that no credit information can be shared with a referral partner. Contact for more information about loan officer and referral partner relationships and strategies.


Extra "Bits" for Company Admins:

Are you getting alerts on your own credit pulls? We have solutions for this issue! Reach out to your rep, or contact to get details on how we can resolve this for you.

Do you want to add custom monitoring logic? We can set up logic that's specific to your needs that allow you to enable and disable monitoring automatically and for a set period of time.

Here are a few examples of rules we can apply:

- Automatically enable monitoring for three years on a funded loan

- Automatically block predictive alerts for 6 months after a loan funds (to prevent marketing for a refi/new purchase during this time)

- Automatically enable migration monitoring for a denied loan

- Automatically enable inquiry monitoring on all prospects with a "prequal" status

For more information about this custom logic, contact your account representative, or