How do I integrate Big Purple Dot with MonitorBase?

This article will guide you through the process of connecting or integrating your MonitorBase account with Big Purple Dot.

We are glad to offer an integration between MonitorBase and Big Purple Dot.

This integration allows for a seamless user experience between both platforms. As Big Purple dot is connected with Encompass, the information sharing between Encompass, Big Purple Dot and MonitorBase makes this integration smooth and simple.

The integration allows for automatic uploading for any new contact in Big Purple dot that has the necessary criteria (name and address) into MonitorBase.

This integration also suppresses inquiry alerts for your own credit pulls. That way, you only receive inquiry alerts when your clients have their credit pulled for a mortgage with a competitor. Our integration with Big Purple Dot makes for one of the best API suppression systems that we currently run.

Note that sensitive credit information can only be accessed through MonitorBase, so you will have to open up the alerts within the MonitorBase website to see the Experian Mortgage FICO score for your alerts. 

To connect or integrate a MonitorBase account with Big Purple Dot on the branch level, a branch manager will send an email to with your API key and the email address associated with your MonitorBase account requesting that the MonitorBase integration be enabled for your account.  

To find the MonitorBase API key, a branch manager will go to the “view profile” section in MonitorBase profile, and then from there, they will see their API key. To generate the key, just click the refresh button next to the API key. 

Once the Big Purple Dot support team has fulfilled your request, the integration will be functional for that branch manager and any of their loan originators whose information they have access to within their Big Purple Dot and MonitorBase accounts.

If you need help, please reach out to