What do I put in the "licensing statement" section?

This article explains why the "licensing statement" field is usually blank inside your MonitorBase account, and why that is perfectly fine if it is.

In your “Outbound Information” page in MonitorBase, you will see a “Licensing statement” box as shown below: OUtbound licensing statementMARKED

You may leave this field blank in your MonitorBase account. 

When your company approved MonitorBase, we went through a process that we call “on-boarding.” During on-boarding, we take care of all of the state licensing as well as other important factors specific to your company (such as determining minimum credit criteria, etc.). 

Your NMLS# as well as the licensing information for the state that the letter goes to appear on the letters that MonitorBase sends on your behalf.

This “Licensing Statement” field exists within MonitorBase for you to provide any additional information should your company require it. 

If you have further questions, email support@monitorbase.com. Otherwise, enjoy your MonitorBase account and know that we’ve got your licensing covered!