Predictive Home Buyer Scenario - MBai37 - Script & Playbook

The contact appears to be renting a single-family residence. The address type is single-family, with no mortgage on file. Meets credit criteria to be a homeowner. A good candidate to stop paying rent and buy a home.

Alert Background: 

This contact meets the minimum credit criteria set by your organization. The data shows that the contact is renting a single-family residence and doesn't have a mortgage reporting on their credit. It would be a great time to have a conversation about renting vs. buying. Rents on a single-family residence aren't much better than a mortgage, and you know they have the minimum credit requirements. Maybe they need to be educated on down payment assistance programs. If they are looking into buying, you may have an opportunity to introduce them to a buyer's agent. 

Script Example:

This script is one example; feel free to make it your own and communicate the message in your own words. 

"Hi (First Name),

It's (Your Name)." 

Make the Connection: At this point, you want to remind them of how you know each other. This will change the tone of the conversation from a cold call to a warm call. For example, if you spoke to them about buying in the past, bring that up. If this is a contact that an agent provided to you, let the client know the connection, for example:

"We spoke a year ago when you were looking into buying a home..."


"I met you at a home buyer seminar six months ago..."


"We played golf together two years ago at ..."  (you get the picture, right?)

Now that the conversation has relevance, it's time to start talking about them...

"You may have seen the letter or email from me recently; my system periodically reaches out to clients in the market for a home, and your name popped up, so I thought I would give you a quick call. Have you been considering buying a home anytime soon?"

Let them talk, and ask follow-up questions that will get them talking about their plans, for example... 

"Have you compared the monthly cost of buying vs. renting?"

"Have you been prequalified to see how much you qualify for?"

"Have you heard about your area's down payment assistance programs?"

Give Value: Let the conversation continue from here, with you asking questions about them. Remember, people don't want mortgages; they want homes. The more value you can give, in the form of insight or answering questions, the more likely they will open up and have a meaningful discussion.  

Differentiate Yourself: Talking about rates and terms will put them to sleep. Rates and Terms will sound very similar from one lender to the next. Instead, let them know some of the steps or challenges they may experience along the way that you have solved countless times...  

Possible Next Steps:

The contact is considering buying a home:

  • First, answer any questions and get the needed information to tell them how much they would qualify. Then, send them a follow-up email, so they have your contact info on hand.  
  • Send them a rent vs. buy comparison. Make sure to note tax savings on mortgage interest. 
  • Ask them their preferred method of communication that will work with their schedule, i.e., email, phone, or text. 
  • Once you get them a pre-qualification letter, ask if they would like you to introduce them to a good buyer's agent.
  • Keep in touch often throughout the process.

The contact isn't interested at this time:

  • Send them an email thanking them for their time, and leave your contact info. 
  • Let them know you are here to answer any home-buying questions in the future.   
  • Enroll them in a first-time buyer nurture campaign in your CRM.