Rate Watch Alerts

Here's how you can find out if anyone in your database is ready for a refi or to get back in the market.

Rate Watch predictive alerts tell you when someone in your database is ready for your services, allowing you to reach out and help before they reach out to the competition. 


If you find yourself in a refinance market when interest rates are dropping, you have a great opportunity within your past client database. This could be all the contacts in your CRM or clients sent over to you from referral partners that may not have funded a transaction with you, but you’ve built that relationship. 

What if you could know their underlying interest rate, and prioritize your outreach directly to those that may benefit from a refinance?

For those already using MonitorBase, this feature is available with our Predictive Rate Watch Alerts. You’ll be alerted when there’s an interest rate reduction available for someone based on current market rates, and what their underlying interest rate is. These alerts can also let you know when the borrower’s LTV or credit has improved, and they could possibly refinance to a different loan type. This can create a huge monthly savings for some, and that’s what people are going for. 

We’ve spent the last 12 years developing our Predictive Rate Watch Alert algorithm, and have refined it to where we can very accurately estimate someone’s underlying interest rate. You’ll receive these alerts via text or email, allowing you to really set this system on autopilot. Once you’ve been alerted, we will send out an email or mail notification to those clients on your behalf, giving you the opportunity to reach out and touch base with those potential clients.