Rate Watch Alerts on Your Database

We'll track the underlying interest rates for those in your database and alert you when someone is a good candidates for a rate reduction refinance.

With MonitorBase, you can monitor anyone in your database (which is anyone you have a name and address for). This can be anyone in your CRM, your past clients, prospects, credit turn down, contacts, etc. 


Rate watch is just one of the many benefits of our Predictive Marketing Alerts. We’ll notify you when someone in your database qualifies for a rate reduction refinance. Our exclusive algorithm compares the rates of those in your database with the current market rates. When someone qualifies for a rate reduction, we will alert you via text or email, and then send that client an email and letter offer of credit letting them know you are ready to help them out. 


The best part of our rate watch system is that you don’t need to know the underlying rate for anyone in your database. We automatically pull that information from their credit profile and do all the comparison for you. Simply upload your database and turn on Predictive Marketing Alerts. We do the rest for you.