What is Text-to-Prequalify?

Text-to-prequalify will allow prospects to use your SoftPull technology right from their mobile device.

Text to Pre-Qualify is a text message instant credit pre-qualification feature of SoftPull instant credit check for mortgage originators.  Text to Pre-Qualify is a way for a consumer to get an instant credit pre-qualification for an originator or lender instantly on their mobile phone.  See also: Where to find your Text to Pre-qualify phone number.

How does it work?

Each originator with the SoftPull feature enabled will have a direct phone number tied to their account.  When a consumer texts the word "Go" to the originator's direct number, our technology will instantly reply with a link for the consumer to complete an instant credit pre-qualification on their mobile device.  

The instant pre-qualification is a short, mobile-ready form that asks for a name, address, phone and email.  When the consumer submits their basic info we instantly initiate a soft credit inquiry and compare the report to the lender's criteria for various products.  The consumer sees an instant response showing which of the lender's products they meet credit pre-qualification criteria for.   The loan officer is notified immediately so they can reach out to the consumer to move forward with the mortgage application process. 

Originators and lenders use Text to Pre-Qualify to engage with referral partners' clients, open house visitors, or customers that are early in the process who aren't sure if they are ready to embark on the full mortgage loan application process quite yet.  

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