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When do I start getting alerts?

You've uploaded your data into MonitorBase, and now you're wondering when your alerts are going to come through. Read more to learn when you should expect to receive alerts.

If you've uploaded data into MonitorBase, there are a few layers to consider when answering the question "When will I start getting alerts?"

Firstly, you'll want to ensure that all the boxes are checked in order for your data to begin triggering alerts. There are a few things that might prevent you from receiving alerts, even if you've uploaded your data.

1. You need to have records uploaded into MonitorBase. This seems like a no-brainer, but if you have an integration enabled, or you've uploaded data manually, it's always a good idea to double check that the data actually uploaded correctly. You can check this by going into your MonitorBase account, clicking "contacts," and then be sure that you're viewing all contacts. If you don't see anything, or the number of contacts (at the bottom of the screen) does not add up to what you expected from your upload, you should either try again or reach out to support@monitorbase.com.

2. Make sure that monitoring is enabled on your contacts. MonitorBase only delivers alerts on records that are being actively monitored, so it is possible that you have contacts in your account that don't have monitoring turned on. You can check this by going to your contacts tab in MonitorBase and clicking "view by monitoring." You can then check to see how many contacts are being monitored for each alert type. You can make changes by going into edit mode and making adjustments to monitoring there.

3. Double check that you don't have any alerts blocked. Alert blocking overrides any monitoring that is enabled, so go to your account settings in your profile, and check that you do not have any alert types blocked. If the box for alert blocking is checked, you will not receive that alert type. Keep in mind that your company may have settings set up to block alerts at a company level (reach out to your company admin or MonitorBase support for questions).

4. If you are a single user that is paying for MonitorBase, be sure that you have provided your credit card information for billing purposes to MonitorBase. If there is no credit card information in the MonitorBase system for your account, MonitorBase does not deliver alerts. You can check this by going into your account profile, or contacting support@monitorbase.com. If your company sponsors your account, this should not be an issue for you to receive alerts.


If the above four criteria are met, there are some additional factors that are note-worthy when it comes to receiving alerts.

1. It typically takes about a week for newly uploaded contacts to be "activated" and ready to trigger inquiry alerts. If you've uploaded your contacts more recently than the past week and you're expecting alerts, you may just have to wait it out a few more days. If you have questions about the specific timing of when you should receive alerts after uploading, contact support@monitorbase.com. Inquiry alerts are delivered every day, and real time inquiry events are delivered within minutes of your contacts applying with competitors.

2. It typically takes around two months for newly uploaded contacts to be "activated" and ready to produce migration alerts. This is because we need to first establish where the client's credit stands, then we need to watch for improvements from month to month. Migration alerts are delivered monthly in batches on business days (the exact date varies month to month). 

3. It typically takes around two months for newly uploaded contacts to be "activated" and ready to produce predictive alerts. This is because our predictive algorithms need time to track patters from consumer credit data in order to be accurate. After the initial two months, predictive alerts deliver daily.

4. It does not take long to activate listing data for listing alerts, but keep in mind that listing alerts are delivered weekly on Mondays in batches.


If you have any questions about the timing of your alerts, please reach out to support@monitorbase.com!