Where do I find my SoftPull page links?

Where to find your SoftPull page links and referral source links.

Your SoftPull page links are the links that you can share with clients or referral partners so prospects can access your SoftPull form online to get an instant credit pre-qualification.  To find your SoftPull links or to create custom trackable SoftPull links, first log in to your MonitorBase account.  On the left navigation, click "SoftPull" then "Links" as shown below:


That will take you to a screen where you can view your default or "base" link.  You can choose to share your base link if you wish, or you can create trackable links to track submissions from various affiliate or referral partner sources.  With trackable links you will be able to identify easily which of your referral partners or affiliate sources referred you that business.  See: Sharing SoftPull with your referral partners. 

Soft pull links MARKED

In the image below your default "base" link is the link at the top and the links at the bottom will be each trackable link that you have created for your various lead sources.  

Copy the full link and share it with clients or referral partners via email, text message, or create a button on your website that links to your SoftPull lander.  

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