Where do I find my Text-to-Prequalify phone number?

Where to find your Text to Pre-qualify phone number in your account settings.

If you have access to SoftPull in your account you can give customers or referral partner's clients the ability to text the word "Go" to your unique phone number and MonitorBase will instantly reply back to them with a link to open your SoftPull technology right on their mobile device.  

Where to find your unique phone number in MonitorBase

First, log in to your MonitorBase account.  In the left navigation click "Inbound Activity" then "Forwarding #s" as shown here: 

Forwarding numbersThis will open a screen that has a list of any tracking numbers associated with your account.  You will see "Marketing #", which are numbers displayed on your various marketing sent out by MonitorBase, and the corresponding "Forwarding #" which is the number that the "Marketing #" forwards to.  (See below)

You can share any of your Marketing #s as a Text to Pre-qualify number.  When a customer text message the word "Go" to any of your Marketing #s, they will get a link to instantly prequalify on their mobile device. 

Marketing Number

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