Mapping contact import fields when importing prospects.

Mapping contact fields to the correct prospect fields when uploading contacts to be monitored for borrower retention alerts.

The purpose of mapping is to match up the information in your CSV file that you’re uploading to the correct field in MonitorBase.   

If you would like to download a template CSV file for importing contacts, check out this article.

The “original header” column refers to the titles for your columns within your file. The “map to” column refers to the title of the field within MonitorBase.

The titles of your columns within your excel file might use the same wording that we use for the field name within MonitorBase. For example, your original column header for your borrower’s first name might say “first name.” In this case, you’ll just want to match it to “first name” in the “map to” column. 

Other times, your column titles might differ slightly from what we have titled our fields. For example, the column in your file (original header) might be titled “Borrower First Name.” In this instance, you’ll still match that field up to “first name” in the “map to” portion. Another example is that you might have titled your column “Subject Property Address” where our column is simply titled, “address.” Again, all you have to do here is to make sure that the information matches up. 

Sometimes our system will try to guess which field you want certain headers mapped to, but the system doesn’t always guess correctly, so make sure to double-check every field. 

Additionally, not all fields are necessary! For any fields that are not necessary for MonitorBase, or that are not important to you, select the option to “skip” that field. 

Some of the data from your actual file will appear on this page to help you see that you are lining up each piece of information perfectly. You will see that information to the right of the “map to” column under “row 1, row 2, etc.” for reference.