How do I monitor contacts from referral partners?

How to monitor prospects from your referral sources.

If you have affiliate arrangements or marketing service agreements with referral partners, the chances are you have a good amount of prospects that you could be monitoring for home buyer and refinance activity from those databases as well. 

You may want to track these alerts in a separate database so that when you receive an alert from one of these prospects you can easily see the source of that prospect.  Your affinity with the affiliate or referral partner will give you a foot in the door when you reach out to the consumer. 

How to track referral source prospects separate from your client database

When uploading data into your account for monitoring, you can create 'Tags' that allow you to easily identify different datasets.  Then when you get alerts for those prospects you can see the 'Tag'  associated with that prospect in the alert view. 

When uploading a new list, create a new tag and name it whatever you want.  You can have as many tags as you want and you can choose to monitor each of those tagged prospects with any of the alert types that you chose for your prospects. 

Remember, regardless of the source of the prospects you monitor, you cannot share a consumer's sensitive credit info with any other third party.  The info you receive on an alert is confidential data that you have access to as the lender that is providing a firm offer. Details of the consumer's credit should not be shared with your affiliates or referral sources without the consent of the consumer.  Instead, it is up to you the lender to engage with the consumers first regarding their offer and initiate the transaction.

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