How do I respond when a client engages with my automated marketing emails?

What to do when someone engages with your marketing emails

What do you do when someone engages with your automated marketing emails?  The short answer is to reach out and engage with the customer as quickly as possible.  When someone has shown interest by clicking through to your offer, that indicates they may be interested in your products, they are in your sales funnel now. 

Each time someone clicks through to your offer or indicates that they are interested, you will receive an email notification from MonitorBase.  Inside your account, you can also view all email marketing activities.   The customer may also choose to simply reply to the marketing email, which will forward directly to your email associated with your MonitorBase account.  

When is the best time to follow-up? 

The best chance you have to engage with the customer is the minute they are looking at your email, this is when it is fresh on their mind and they may be willing to take the time to chat.  Studies show that you are 10 times more likely to engage with a customer when they are looking at your offer than you are 5 minutes later.  So we recommend taking advantage of that moment when they are engaging with your brand and thinking about your products.  

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