How do I set SoftPull to Test Mode

Setting your Softpull to Test Mode so you can see what your clients will see or to demo the system to a referral partner.

MonitorBase SoftPull is a useful tool that you can extend to your referral partners. When you’re creating a unique trackable link for a referral partner, they’re likely interested in having a hands-on experience with how the system performs. 

See also: Sharing SoftPull with your referral partners.

This is why we’ve made it possible for you to demonstrate how SoftPull works! 

You can put your SoftPull into “test mode,” fill out the form with false information (i.e. Mickey Mouse, etc.), and generate a test submission with fake information.

To put your SoftPull into “test mode,” simply go to “SoftPull” within MonitorBase, click “Settings,” and then check the box that says “Test Mode On,” and save the update, as shown below:


From there, you can click on your base link, which will take you to your SoftPull submission page. There will be a banner on the top of the page to let you know that the account is in test mode. For the purposes of the demonstration, you will get to choose whether this fake submission is pre-qualified or not pre-qualified (of course, this option will not appear when the SoftPull is not in test mode). 

softpull test mode 2

Fill out the form with false information, agree to the terms and conditions and hit “continue.” You will then see a message similar to that which your client sees when they fill out the form, depending on whether you selected “qualified” or “not qualified.”

softpull test mode 3

Be sure to take your SoftPull out of test mode when you are finished with the demonstration (by going back to settings, unchecking the “Test Mode On” box, and clicking “save”), because any submissions made using any of your SoftPull links while you are in test mode will not generate actual results.