How do I share SoftPull with referral partners?

How to create unique, trackable links for sharing SoftPull with your referral partners.

SoftPull is a great tool for sharing with your referral partners.  Real estate agents and builders can direct prospects to your SoftPull tool to get an instant credit check while they are meeting with the agent or builder for the first time.  After the consumer completes the SoftPull and receives a "Qualified" results they can choose to share their result with the agent or builder.  

Here are some examples of how your referral partners can direct prospects to your SoftPull technology:

  • Share your Text to Pre-Qualify link with customers.
  • Email a trackable SoftPull link to their clients.
  • Put a button on their website that directs clients to your SoftPull technology. 
  • Allow customers to complete SoftPull while sitting down face to face.  
  • Allow customers to complete SoftPull in a first-time buyer seminar or open house.

Remember, the consumer must complete the SoftPull request.  You and your referral partners cannot fill out SoftPull on behalf of a customer.  The customer is required to input their info and agree to the terms and conditions for the soft credit inquiry to meet compliance.  

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