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How to identify home sellers

How to identify and target home sellers in your MonitorBase alerts.

How do you identify the sellers?

Some alerts will indicate in the Alert Intel that the consumer is more likely to be a home seller.  In many cases and inquiry alert is an early indicator of a home seller.  If the consumer has an inquiry alert and already has a mortgage present then they are either a home seller or a refinance opportunity.  

Make sure to get to your alerts fast. You want to be in conversations with the clients before they have found an agent that has referred them to your competition.

Next, just ask: "Are you looking to sell your home in the next six months?  Here are a few things you should consider when thinking about listing or shopping for a new home in today's market!"

The alerts will tell you who is most likely going to be selling in the near future, you just need to reach out and be there for them at the right time. You will be surprised how many people in your client database are thinking about listing their home this spring!