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How do I use borrower retention alerts?

What are borrower retention alerts and how should I use them?

Here's a short video explaining the basics of the borrower retention alerts available with MonitorBase and how they support your mortgage lead generation efforts.  


Borrower Retention means finding the 1.5% of your past database in the market for a new mortgage each month.

Old-school past-client marketing had two options:

  1. Guess which of your previous clients are in the market for a mortgage, and hit them with a message or call.
  2. The shotgun approach, why guess when you can spend time and money talking to everyone.

This didn’t work so well, and it’s the reason why 4 out of 5 funded clients close their next mortgage with a competitor...

MonitorBase changed this with our New Software: We filter so you can see the few people to focus on daily, and we automatically send them offers via email and direct mail, and you can use our alerts to trigger automatic workflows from your CRM so your customers can respond to you.

All you have to do is turn it on, and we’ll send you daily alerts of which customers you should be reaching out to today.

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