What email address does MonitorBase use to send out the firm offer of credit to my client?

Learn more about the functionality of our email FOC option, specifically which email address we use to email these offers on your behalf!

For each credit-related alert (inquiry, migration and predictive alerts) that you receive, MonitorBase automatically sends out a letter with a firm offer of credit to your client on your behalf. If you have uploaded the email of the prospect into MonitorBase, we also send them an email version of the offer.

MonitorBase sends these emails out for you through an auto-generated email address specifically created for you.

The email that we use is YourUsername@YourEmailDomain.com. For example, if your MonitorBase username was jsmith, and your company’s name was MonitorBase, your email would look something like this: jsmith@monitorbase.com. When your client receives the firm offer of credit, the email will have sent from this email address.

However, when a client replies to this email, replies automatically forward back to your actual email address. 

Using this auto-generated email address allows us to track if the email has been opened and if your client has clicked to view the firm offer of credit. 

Clients also have the option to click a button that says “I’m interested, send me more information.” This will prompt the client to update their contact information so that you can have their latest and most accurate information!

You can track all email activity including opens, clicks, people who have clicked the “interested” button as well as email replies through the “Mail Campaigns” tab within MonitorBase. 

Note that some email providers do not allow us to track email opens or offer views.