What is a pre-mover alert?

What is a pre-mover and what to do about it?

A Pre-Mover alert is one of the monitoring types you can enable with MonitorBase Database Marketing Alerts.  

What is a Pre-Mover alert and what does it mean to an originator?

A Pre-Mover alert is basically a listing alert.  This is a non-credit trigger that tells you that the address on file for a consumer in your database has likely listed their home for sale on an MLS, for sale by owner, or for rent.  MonitorBase used a predictive algorithm for determining which households are likely being listed for sales or rent based on web intent data. 

In our data, we have seen that 50% of the time a Pre-Mover alert will trigger before a mortgage inquiry alert has triggered.  This means in many cases you can get notified that a consumer has started the process of selling their home and may not have applied yet with another lender for the financing of their new home.  This is a great opportunity for you to reach out and re-engage.  

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